Premium Quality Whey Protein - Chocolate, Vanilla flavours

Image: Premium Quality Whey Protein - Chocolate, Vanilla flavours
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Whey Complex PRO Chocolate

Powder, 600g • Weight: 708g

NOTE: Whey Complex PRO contains 24 to 20 servings per pot, based on 25g and 30g servings.
Each 300g pot contains:
Whey protein concentrate (contains soya lecithin)
Whey protein isolate (contains soya lecithin)
Flavouring (flavouring preparations, flavouring substances)
Maltodextrin (bulking agent)
Gum arabic (emulsifier)
Sucralose (sweetener)

Nutritional information per 100g
Energy - 1644kJ/389 kcal
Protein - 73.2g
Carbohydrate - 6.4g
of which sugar 5.7g
Fat - 6.6g
of which saturates 4.0g
Sodium 0.2g
Salt equivalent 0.5g
Contains no: GMOs or hormones.
Highest grade milk sourced from EU and British cows only.
Not tested on animals.

Suitable for vegetarians • Available in stock


1 to 3 servings (heaped scoops) to be taken per day, or as required.
Blending with liquids
1 scoop (25g to 30g) to be added to a large glass of water, juice, milk or other liquid. This should then be stirred with a fork or blender to mix.
This whey protein powder can be used before exercise, after exercise or simply as a tasty protein shake any time of the day.
Allergy advice:
Contains soya and dairy.

Premium quality protein powder with chocolate and vanilla flavour, derived from a blend of concentrate or isolate, providing over 21g of protein per 30g serving — an easy to prepare recovery drink that we promise you're going to love. This formula uses only high grade hormone-free milk, sourced from European and British farms, with no added GMOs, non-irradiated whey, TSE/BSE free.
We made sure that together with an excellent nutritional profile, you'll get a tasty and great product. It can be used at any time of the day, either as an appetite curbing snack or as a protein-rich muscle building shake.

Benefits of Whey Complex PRO

Below is a list of situation we recommend taking Whey Complex PRO.

  • As a source of high quality protein for bodybuilders, athletes, health-conscious individuals — men and women alike.
  • Increased daily protein need, Whey Complex PRO being an easy hassle-free protein source
  • Improve performance, increase muscle mass and size
  • Support in tissue repair, shaping and toning
  • Maintaining lean mass
  • Supporting immune functions.

Why proteins are so important?

Protein is essential for the most important functions in our body: normal cell reproduction, growth, cellular repair and production of hormones. In nutrition, whey started to present interest to researchers, as it contains low levels of fat, lactose and unlike whole milk — is easier to digest.

Building muscles

Being low in fat and having a low amino acid profile, whey is promoted a being the "perfect protein" for building strong muscles. It is easily digested, extremely popular with bodybuilders and athletes as they expose their bodies to high physical demands and need additional help to maintain existing muscle and increase their size. Each serving provides you with the necessary ingredients to help building more muscle and keeping those you already gained. Whether you are very serious about it or just exercise to fill better your clothes — Whey Complex PRO offers everything you need to achieve that in terms of nutrition.
Each 30g serving contains up to 118kcal and provides up to 4.2g of carbohydrates and 21g of protein — ideal support for the daily diet and in an easy-to-prepare shake, comes in a great taste as well.

Shaping and toning

Female customers are turning to protein powder industry as well, creating a huge demand in high quality protein shakes like Whey Complex PRO. Women are most often adopting diets or do light athletics which can be also demanding and they need protein supplementation. Protein helps achieve your health goals and speed up the outcomes: it speeds up the metabolism, assists with fat burning, decreases appetite and glucose cravings, supports energy levels and promotes cellular repair, helps contouring and toning. Contains no fat, so every serving will count directly into your muscular mass getting you more toned and healthier. We can't recommend enough for female athletes or dieting persons and keep emphasizing that Whey Complex PRO is not a product designed only for "gym-fanatic" men, but for the health conscious women as well.

General health and vitality

Whey protein contains 6 different types of protein that have the potential to support your well-being by enhancing immune function and raising the levels of glutathione (primary antioxidant). This is why, even if you don't exercise or don't have an active lifestyle, you could still benefit from taking Whey Complex PRO as there are more benefits in it then just the high protein concentration.

Concentrate? Isolate? How we produce whey protein

With regards to the whey protein, it can be synthesised in 3 main forms: isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate (where the whey will go additional processing). In our Whey Complex PRO formula we've included both concentrate and isolate forms. Through a process known as "filtering" or "ion exchange", we remove most of the carbohydrates, fat and lactose from the regular unprocessed whey which is derived from whole milk. By sourcing only high quality European and UK milk, we ensue a high quality standard is maintained in correlation with UK Good Manufacturing Practices.

Both processes used by us (concentrate and isolate) return an almost pure protein — 80% protein through the concentrate process and 90% for isolate protein. The protein quality obtained through both processes is the same, the only difference being that the isolate process removes more fat and carbohydrates than the concentrate one.

For the best results we recommend 1 - 2 shakes per day — as a mid morning snack before a workout and as a mid-afternoon snack, after a workout.


Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle or as a medication for accute diseases.
Discontinue use and consult a doctor if any adverse reactions occur!

Pregnant Women: Do not take this product if you are pregnant or likely to become pregnant. Pregnant women should not supplement except on the advice of a doctor or ante-natal clinic.

Do not use if seal under cap is broken or missing, if the cap is broken or missing, if the contents are damaged.


Allways read the label before use.