Liver and Gallbladder support and cleanser

Image: Liver and Gallbladder support and cleanser
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Liv & Gall Clear

60 Vege Caps • Weight: 78g

1 capsule contains: Artichoke extract (40:1, equivalent to 4800mg of fresh artichoke) - 120mg
Vegetable cellulose capsule - 90mg
Beetroot powder - 80mg
Burdock root extract (4:1, equivalent to 160mg of fresh burdock root) - 40mg
Cayenne fruit powder - 30mg
Fennel seeds powder - 30mg
Beetroot extract (0.3%) - 20mg
Dandelion root extract (5:1, equivalent to 100mg of fresh dandelion root powder - 3% Vitexin) - 20mg
Liquorice root extract (4:1, equivalent to 80mg of fresh liquorice) - 20mg
N-Acetyl L-Cysteine - 20mg
Parsley piert extract (5:1, equivalent to 100mg of fresh parsley piert) - 5mg
Alpha lipoic acid - 10mg
Turmeric extract (10:1, equivalent to 50mg of fresh turmeric powder - 95% Curcumin) - 5mg
Garlic powder extract (10000mg/g) - 5mg
Ginger root powder - 5mg
Free of: added sugar, additives, colourings, excipients, gluten, lactose, wheat, yeast
Suitable for vegetarians or vegans • Available in stock


Take 1 - 2 capsules, 3 times per day with food or as required.
Not to be taken during pregnancy or breast-feeding.

Liv & Gall Clear benefits

Liv & Gall Clear is a combination of 14 active ingredients to support both the liver and the gallbladder, two key organs which are responsible for organism detox. The formula is a gentle one and ensures that it acts at a gentle pace, with no "healing crisis" reactions.

  • Liver cleanse (indulging in alcohol or smoking)
  • A sluggish liver and gallbladder
  • Body detox and cleansing
  • Blood purifying support
  • Low energy levels
  • Normal cholesterol level support
  • Bad body odour
  • Digestive system support
  • Following or in conjunction with a colon cleansing program
  • Those with a poor diet.

The ingredients of Liv & Gall Clear explained

Liv & Gall Clear was specially designed to support your liver and gallbladder. Liv & Gal Clear is a mixture of 14 most potent herbs and compounds which are known for their specific benign action on liver functioning. It helps this complex organ to manage the metabolic stress relying on it. Our liver is the most perfect detoxification system ever existing but even the most perfect machines need some maintenance.
This supplement contains the ingredients which proved themselves useful over time in improving cholesterol level and supporting hepatic function.


The extract contains the active ingredient, luteolin, and the antioxidants caffeic acid, cynarin and cholorgenic acid. These all act to protect liver cells from damage and, at the same time, stimulate the production of bile acid into the digestive tract. This breaks down fats and has an effect on lowering high cholesterol levels and triglycerides. Cynarin is the close botanical cousin of the herb milk thistle (which is well-known for its positive effects on the liver, but has now been re-classified as "medicinal"). Studies have shown that cynarin can actually reduce elevated triglycerides, lower total serum levels and at the same time increase beneficial HDL levels.


It is recommended in iron deficient anaemia, it helps to the processes of breaking down the fats in the liver and reduces both the blood pressure due to the high dietary nitrates concentration it contains and the risk of atherosclerosis.


A potent skin and lymph node cleanser, forces the body to expel the residual by-products and is used as a hepatoprotector and cholesterol reducer. It is also beneficial in eczema, skin disorders, dermatitis.


Invigorates the circulatory system and forces the blood the circulate faster, stimulates cell oxygenation.

Fennel seeds

Have a soothing effect on the stomach, warming, anti-inflammatory property.

Dandelion root

Both the leaves and the roots of dandelion have been used for centuries in treating liver, gallbladder, kidney and joint diseases. Dandelions extracts are still used today in treating water retention, poor digestion, recovering in hepatitis. The root is also rich in lecithin which is considered to protect the liver against cirrhosis. In liver, it increases bile production and its flow to the gallbladder. This property makes it a good tonic for people with sluggish liver, abusing alcohol, smoking and poor diet.

Licorice root

Licorice hides great anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-allergic properties. It has a soothing action to the peptic ulcers. It inhibits liver cell injury in hepatitis and cirrhosis. It also inhibits the growth of viral DNA and RNA viruses, this way inactivating herpes simplex virus. Prior to taking licorice supplements, you must make sure you have a good blood pressure control.

N-Acetyl Cysteine

Studies showed that this amino-acid can prevent some changes in the cells DNA caused by the chemicals in cigarette smoke. It works by helping eliminate the free radicals and heavy metals from the body and improving the cellular health. Athletes also can confirm it helps recover more quickly after extensive sessions.

Parsley piert

A natural anti-spasmodic and diuretic, can also be used as an expectorant in coughs and asthma. It also helps relieve gas. It is also considered that parsley has the action of preventing formation of gallstones.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Is considered to be the universal antioxidant. Two decades ago Dr. Burton Beckson MD discovered that lipoic acid can cure the fatal liver oxidative process caused by the Amanita mushrooms. Later, 90% of those who would eat these mushrooms would die but thanks to this discovery, this intoxication can be cured today. It proves again how powerful the protective power of this antioxidant is.


The pigment turmeric, named curcumin, is a powerful antioxidant. It proved to be helpful in reducing the radical damage to the body, reducing inflammation, helps lowering the blood cholesterol and prevents the formation of the blood clots. In ayurvedic medicine cucurmin is used to strengthen liver function and treat hepatitis and gallbladder disease. Recently it has been proven that it has beneficial effects in preventing the alcohol-related liver disease.


Garlic is one of the oldest natural remedies and it was tried probably for everything and in many cases such as dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera, worms, colds and flu - it proved itself helpful. It also helps healing the bowel due to its anti-bacterial action and is known to have an cholagogue effect (stimulates bile production).


Ginger is known for helping in digestion process, it has a soothing effect on the digestive system, stimulates circulation and lower bad cholesterol. Is is used for a range of stomach conditions, as flatulence or achlorhydria (reduction of stomach acidity).

Who needs a liver supplement?

This product is the perfect choice for individuals starting a detox program. You can use Liv & Gal Clear alone or together with any other detox supplements available in our shop. For best results and depending on your final goals, we recommend taking this dietary supplement together with DIGESTIVEaid or InternaCALM, both proving great results in detox programs followed by our customers.

Liv & Gal Clear is also highly recommended for patients with hepatitis, chronic liver diseases and individuals constantly exposed to stress, poor dietary habits, toxins of any kind or after a prolonged antibiotic therapy. If you have a hepatic disease and your general practitioner is aware of it, please ask for his or her opinion regarding your decision of starting a cure with this supplement.

The mix of the plants' extracts contained in this supplement is proved to be highly efficient in converting the existing toxins in some less complicated metabolic forms which lately are easier to be removed from the organism through bile secretion.


Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle or as a medication for accute diseases.
Discontinue use and consult a doctor if any adverse reactions occur!

Pregnant Women: Do not take this product if you are pregnant or likely to become pregnant. Pregnant women should not supplement except on the advice of a doctor or ante-natal clinic.

Do not use if seal under cap is broken or missing, if the cap is broken or missing, if the contents are damaged.


Allways read the label before use.