COL-Clear A - Internal cleanse support

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COL-Clear A

100 Vege Caps • Weight: 108g

Each 780mg capsule contains:
Rhubarb powder
Barberry bark powder 10:1
Vegetable cellulose capsule (Hydroxy-propyl-methylcellulose (HPMC)
Burdock root powder
Cayenne powder
Ginger root powder 20:1
Rhubarb root extract 30:1
Fennel seed powder
Aloe Vera extract 2001:1
Clove bud powder
Dandelion root extract 5:1
Sugar Beet Fibre (50mg)
Liquorice Root
Magnesium stearate (vegetable source)
Guaranteed free of: added sugar, artificial colours or flavours, dairy, lactose, preservative, gluten, salt, wheat
Suitable for vegetarians or vegans • Available in stock


1 or 2 capsules, to be taken 1 to 3 times per day or as advised. Some people will require more than 6 capsules per day for the first few weeks in order to achieve proper bowel movements.
This product should be used in conjunction with improved dietary habits, increased water intake and a sensible exercise regime.
You can alternate between Version A and Version B.

Over time, due to medication, poor diet and lack of physical exercise the colon starts to build-up with old encrusted mucus and faecal matter. COL-Clear A is a combination of 10 natural active herbal ingredients which produces bowel movements, improving the intestinal peristalsis, helping the inner intestinal wall to lose the encrusted old mucus and faecal matter. COL-Clear A acts as a mild laxative (soften the stool), stimulate de liver function, toning the bowel wall.

The benefits of taking COL-Clear A

The combination of the potent ingredients in COL-Clear A help soften the stool, stimulate the liver and improve peristalsis. They act gently and naturally, stimulating the bowel wall, supporting a move towards unassisted bowel movements. The other benefits of COLL-Clear A are outlined below:

  • Constipation, irregularity in bowel opening
  • Lazy and slow bowel
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Clearing bowel "pockets"
  • Diverticulitis
  • Can be used as part of an internal cleansing programme
  • A very effective stool softener
  • Prior, following or between colonic hydrotherapy treatments.

COL-Clear ingredients explained

COL-Clear is a mixture of potent, a herbal colon cleanser and bowel support combination, very popular with colonic hydrotherapists. It is a blend of 10 active herbal ingredients which together act as an exceptional gastro-intestinal adjunct and support the intestinal function. The ingredients are rhubarb powder, barberry powder, burdock root powder, cayenne powder, ginger root powder, rhubarb root extract, fennel seed powder, aloe vera extract, clove bud powder and dandelion root extract. We will explain below the rationale behind using these ingredients in our supplement.


(Rheum palmatum, lat.) — A strong herbal laxative, astringent-bitter, gastric stimulant, anti-inflammatory, tonic and antiseptic. Also used for disorders of the liver, gall-bladder and stomach. It is widely used as part of colon cleansing programmes, because it contains important active ingredients such as anthraquinones, emodin, tannins, flavonoids (including rutin) and several polyphenols.

Barberry Bark

(Berberis vulgaris, lat.) — Supports liver, gallbladder, spleen and bowel function. Barberry bark contains an alkaloid known as berberine, but also other active ingredients such as isoquinolone alkaloids.
This herb has an antiseptic and anti-bacterial effect when taken orally and is useful against dysbiosis. Stimulates bile flow, eases liver congestion, ideal for an inflamed gallbladder and intestinal inflammation. It is considered to be a spleen and pancreas tonic.

Burdock root

(Arctium lappa, lat.) — Considered to be one of the most potent tonics of herbalism. It is widely used to support liver function, as a cleansing botanical and contains a broad spectrum of nutrients, including fatty acids, organic acids, phenolic acids, lignans, sesquiterpenes, tannin, mucilage, inulin (prebiotic), iron, sulphur, B-vitamins.


(Capsicum frutescens, lat.) — Known also as the Chilli pepper, is regarded by herbalists as the purest and safest stimulant known. Opens up tissues in the body to increase flow of blood, due to the active ingredient capsaicin, which supports healthy blood flow and natural detox, a healthy metabolism.
It is also used in poor digestion and to increase gastrointestinal secretions. Acts as an antispasmodic for relief of pain and a carminative. It is rich in vitamins A, B6, C, E, riboflavin, but also in minerals such as potassium and manganese.


(Zingiber officinalis, lat.) — Alleviates occasional gas, bloating and nausea. Known as a "hot bitter" herb which promotes gastric acidity and aids in digestion. Used for many stomach conditions as has anti-inflammatory, carminative, antispasmodic, expectorant (increases bronchial mucous), vasodilator and circulatory stimulant (not as sharp as Cayenne). Used for flatulence, to promote gastric secretions and in achlorhydria (absence or reduction of hydrochloric acid in stomach juices). Gingerol is a compound found in ginger and is considered to be a powerful antioxidant.


(Foeniculum vulgare, lat.) — A gentle digestive and carminative herb used to counteract flatulence, disperse windy colic, intestinal spasms, griping, sweeten a sour stomach, sooth irritable bowel. Traditionally used as a culinary herb because of its aroma and anise-type flavour. Supports the body's natural elimination of excess waste and toxins from the colon and a healthy acid/alkaline balance.

Aloe vera

(Aloe barbadensis, lat.) — Best known for its calming properties and soothing action, aloe is a spiky cactus-like plant of the lily family. Its leaves contain 18 amino-acids and vitamins, supports lower toxic load, acts as antioxidant and support intestinal integrity and natural cleansing.

Clove buds

The clove buds are the source of a special oil distilled from the buds, they are also used as fragrant spice. Its active ingredients include a heavy volatile oil, a camphor resin, flavonoids and sterols. It is a natural anti-septic, known to support digestion.

Dandelion Root

(Taraxacum officinalis, Taraxacum erythrospermum lat.) — One of the oldest medicinal herbs, traditionally used to support healthy fluid balance in the body and as a natural helper for the stomach and the digestive system. The root is bitter tonic, pancreatic regulator, spleen support, a gentle liver cleanser and tonic which promotes bile flow and thus helps to clear toxins from the body. Rich in minerals such as iron, potassium, zinc and vitamins such as A, B, D and C.

Comparing COL-Clear A and COL-Clear B

COL-Clear B is a very similar colon cleanser product that we are offering. Most of our clients try them both and decide by themselves which one works best for them. We would like to present you with a comparison table of the ingredients of both supplements.

Ingredients COL-Clear A COL-Clear B
Rhubarb powder Yes Yes
Rhubarb root extract Yes No
Barberry powder Yes Yes
Burdock root powder Yes Yes
Cayenne powder Yes Yes
Ginger root powder Yes Yes
Fennel seed powder Yes Yes
Aloe vera extract Yes Yes
Dandelion root extract Yes Yes
Clove bud powder Yes No
Glucomannan powder No Yes
Liquorice root extract No Yes


Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle or as a medication for accute diseases.
Discontinue use and consult a doctor if any adverse reactions occur!

Pregnant Women: Do not take this product if you are pregnant or likely to become pregnant. Pregnant women should not supplement except on the advice of a doctor or ante-natal clinic.

Do not use if seal under cap is broken or missing, if the cap is broken or missing, if the contents are damaged.


Allways read the label before use.