Privacy Policy

In order to improve our service and get more information on this we might collect some information about our visitors and clients such as their IP address, their behaviour on the website. We are also using a third party traffic counter (Google Analytics) which helps us understand better where do our visitors come from and how we may meet their expectations.

This website is also using "cookies", tiny pieces of information which are stored in your browser and allow us to personalize your experience with us, remember for you some of the products you have accessed or your shopping cart contents so that your visit on our website becomes more efficient and less time-consuming.

In case you agree to sign up for an account with us, we will need some more information about you such as your title, first and last names, your email address and a contact telephone number. All this information will be stored securely on our servers and this information will be available only to you and us to help our system identify you next time you return. We also need this information to know how to address to you and keep you informed regarding your further purchases and, if you choose so, some offers that we might have for you. You can terminate your account with us at any time and we will remove all the information that we have stored about you from our systems.

We value your privacy and can guarantee that we will never share your data with other third-party services. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters and information regarding our services and updates, although you will not get more than 1-2 emails per month from us.
If you have any other questions with regards to the way we store and use information about our visitors and clients, please do not hesitate to send us a message using the contact form on this website — a link can be found at the bottom of every page of this website.
Thank you!

Last edit: 05th of November, 2014